Local Campaigns

The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color includes the following local boys and men of color campaigns:
Building Healthy Communities Eastern Coachella Valley serves the Coachella region.
To learn more, please contact Adriana Diaz: adiazbhc [at] gmail.com
East Salinas
MILPA leads the East Salinas local BMOC campaign and anchors a “critical consciousness” movement, containing a diverse group of residents and advocates from East Salinas Building Health Communities, Monterey County Civil Rights Coalition for Jail Reform, and others across the region to build health equity across systems and policies (including within jails and juvenile justice reform policies). 
MILPA incorporates the following strategies:
  • Develop the leadership acumen and critical consciousness capacity of a cadre of Latino male and female neighborhood stakeholders;
  • Apply the agency of Latino males and females towards effective cross-race movement building; and
  • Blend the expertise of the grassroots with the experience of the treetops, grounded on the healing-informed approach of La Cultura Cura.
To learn more, please contact Juan Gomez at 831-216-6530.
The California Endowment’s Building Healthy Communities – Fresno facilitates the work of the Fresno County BMoC Task Force, which includes community-based organizations, youth and adult residents, law enforcement, education, health system leaders, and faith-based advocates.
To learn more, please contact Cesar Rodriguez: crodriguez [at] yli.org.
Long Beach
To learn more, please contact Lian Cheun: lian [at] kgalb.com
Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Sons & Brothers Coalition is a partnership between The California Endowment, Liberty Hill Foundation, Los Angeles community-based organizations, parents and students to improve the health and expand opportunities for boys and young men of color. The LA Sons & Brothers Coalition has strategic focus on the following issues:
  • Improving Third Grade Reading by Reducing Chronic Absences
  • Positive School Discipline and Restorative Justice
  • Safety
The LA Sons & Brothers Coalition will accomplish these goals by building the leadership capacity of young men of color to shape policies, systems and norms that impact their communities.
To learn more, please click here and/or contact Vincent Jones: vincent [at] reinventcomm.org.
As the regional convener of the Alliance’s work in Oakland, Urban Strategies Council facilitates collaborative efforts between Alameda County and Oakland systems leaders and leading community based organizations. 
To learn more, please contact Junious Williams: juniousw [at] urbanstrategies.org.
The RYSE Center serves the Richmond region.
To learn more, please contact Kimberly Aceves: kimberly [at] rysecenter.org
The Moreno Valley Sons and Brothers Coalition serves the greater Riverside area.
To learn more, please contact Jernine Williams:  jwilliams [at] mvusd.net
Using a multi ethnic, multi sector approach focused on policy and system change the Sacramento BMoC Collective will seek to improve the quality of life of boys and young men of color. The Sacramento BMoC collaborative is working collectively to improve the educational achievement of BMoC living in Sacramento.
To learn more, please contact Kim Williams: kim [at] asianresources.org
San Bernadino
To learn more, please contact Rev. Samuel Casey: scasey [at] copesite.org
San Diego

For information about the San Diego BMOC Work Group Collaborative, please click here.

To learn more, please contact Mark Tran: mtran [at] midcitycan.org
San Jose
To learn more, please contact Ron Muriera: rpumuriera [at] gmail.com
Santa Ana
The Santa Ana Boys and Men of Color working group is engaged in building an intergenerational youth-, family-, and community-based movement that engages city, educational, and juvenile justice systems.  We are currently committed to a citywide Campaign for Restorative Justice that focuses on keeping our youth safe and in school, out of the juvenile justice system, and out of the hands of U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE).
For more information about our work, events and healing circles, please contact Abraham Medina: mamedina1618 [at] gmail.com 
The Stockton Boys and Men of Color campaign is organized by Fathers and Families of San Joaquin.
For more information, email Alejandra Gutierrez: agutierrez [at] ffsj.org