Healing Together

In 2018, ABMoC launched “Healing Together,” a campaign that focuses on building safety and breaking cycles of violence and trauma by ensuring all people, those who have been subjected to harm, and those who have caused harm, have opportunities to heal. Healing Together encourages the engagement of those who identify as men to be partners in the journey to end domestic violence and advance new policy approaches that create safety by addressing root causes of violence and offer community-based solutions.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health crisis that remains a frightening reality in the lives of far too many Californians. Currently, about one in three California women will be harmed by partner violence at least once in their lifetime. We know that engaging men is imperative to ending intimate partner violence. Yet, traditional strategies address men who have caused harm primarily through punishment, in an effort to account for the pain and trauma women and girls live daily. Using the in-justice system as a response to this public health crisis deepens racial inequities, fails to address root causes, and doesn't increase safety.

Together, we can move beyond attempting to seek justice and improve safety through inherently unjust and violent systems, and towards building communities full of the conditions and resources required to thrive.

Forthcoming Report:

Healing Together: Shifting the Paradigm on Intimate Partner Violence by Centering Safety Through Healing, Equity, and Systems Change