Community of Practice

About The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color's Community of Practice

The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color’s Community of Practice is a forum where Alliance members can share knowledge and learning, strengthen partnerships, and collectively identify strategies to influence practices, systems, and policies to improve conditions and outcomes for boys and men of color. Through monthly webinars, experiential learning opportunities, community site visits, and a series of workshops, the Community of Practice:

•    Provides an interactive learning environment that cultivates collaboration, inspires innovation and spurs action
•    Leverages the contributions of members by fostering the sharing of experiences, ideas, resources, practices, expertise and lessons learned
•    Builds the capacity of Alliance members through professional development, training, technical assistance, and the dissemination of best practices
•    Bridges policy, practice and research by building avenues between learning and action


Monthly Webinars
A virtual learning opportunity that covers a core knowledge base for advancing policy and systems change (such as advocacy rules or budget analysis training) or a priority issue area for the Alliance (Child Welfare, Community Safety & Justice, Education, Health, Jobs & Workforce).

Experiential Learning Opportunities
Special in-person experience for Alliance members to learn about a particular population, an innovative program, or proven strategy through first-hand encounters with local leaders and community members.

Community Site Visits
Engagement meetings with Alliance for BMoC regional anchor partners in their respective community with the objective of grasping local challenges and dynamics, identifying organizational supports needed, and interpersonal relationship building.

Workshop Series
Workshops on important issues facing boys and men of color, public policy topics, core competencies related to policy change, or leadership development skills. Workshop leaders may include, but not be limited to, national thought leaders, peers within the Alliance, or subject matter experts.


The ABMoC Community of Practice is open to its members and allies within the public sector, nonprofit, and philanthropy who are committed to advancing BMoC outcomes in health, education, employment, public safety, and community leadership.

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