2017 State Policy Priorities and Legislation

The Alliance works to secure and implement policies that achieve our policy objectives through statewide legislation, administrative procedures, and the budgetary process to improve the lives of California's boys and young men of color.

Thanks in part to your support, the Alliance celebrated a number of important policy wins in 2015. The following priority bills were signed into law:
  • AB 953 (Weber) Law enforcement: racial profiling- Increases law enforcement transparency and accountability to communities by training police on racial/identity profiling and implicit bias
  • AB 256 (Jones-Sawyer) Electronic evidence- Ensures that tampering of digital evidence by police officers qualifies as a felony.
  • SB 411 (Lara) Right to film police Protects Californians' right to film police officers
  • SB 227 (Mitchell) Use of grand juries - Eliminates use of grand juries in cases where a police officer may have used excessive force against civilians.
  • AB 1056 (Atkins) Second Chance Program- Directs Prop 47 savings toward programs that address the root causes of recidivism among those formally incarcerated: the urgent need for housing, mental health services, and substance abuse disorder treatment.
  • SB 4 (Lara) Health care coverage: immigration status Ensures that all Californians, regardless of immigration status, have access to affordable health coverage and care
  • AB 288: College and Career Pathways - Establishes the College and Career Access Pathways Act to better prepare high school students for college and career success.
  • AB 1352: Expungement for minor drug offenses - Allows people to expunge minor drug offenses from their records.
  • SB 382: Prosecuting Minors as Adults Clarifies criteria for prosecuting minors as adults.
  • AB 666: Sealing of Juvenile Records Facilitates the sealing of juvenile records across law enforcement agencies.
  • AB 1375: Imprisonment for nonpayment of fines - Limits imprisonment time for nonpayment of fines.
  • SB 261: Youth Parole Hearings Improves the parole hearing process for youth.
  • SB 504: Sealing Court Records - Prevents courts from forcing youth to pay the costs of sealing their records.
  • AB 703: Enhance Attorney Qualifications for Juveniles Ensures appointed attorneys establish and sustain relationships with youth clients.
  • SB 501: Preventing Poverty Among Workers - Makes California's wage garnishment policy more fair.
  • AB 1093: Supervised Population Workforce Training Grant Program Invests in workforce training grant programs for people returning from prison. 
  • AB 71: Use-of-force reporting - Requires law enforcement agencies to report incidents when police use force.
  • AB 329: Sexual health education - Requires school districts to ensure that students in grades 7 to 12 receive comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education.
  • AB 854: Pupils in foster care - Establishes the Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program to ensure that local educational agencies are providing services to foster youth pupils that promote positive educational outcomes.
  • SB 359: CA Mathematics Placement Act of 2015 - Requires governing boards or bodies of local educational agencies that serve pupils entering grade 9 to develop and adopt fair, objective, and transparent mathematics placement policy.


Alliance partners also achieved the following budget wins in 2015:

  • $60 million in competitive grants allocated to California Community Colleges to implement innovative best practices aimed at improving the delivery of remedial education
  • $10.3 million secured to support school climate, including funding for a statewide network of trainers, training programs and coaching, and grants to school districts to create a multi-tiered system of school-wide social emotional and positive behavior support, restorative justice, and training in cultural competency.


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