Webinars | 2015

Building Momentum from the Ground Up: A Toolkit for Transformative Change in Policing

Communities across the country that have lived for too long under the weight of discriminatory policing and mass incarceration are calling for a transformation of our policing and criminal justice systems — including meaningful oversight of law enforcement, accountability, an end to the criminalization of communities of color, and investments beyond federally-sponsored tanks and additional...
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Reports | Executive Office of The President of The United States | 2015

Economic Costs of Youth Disadvantage and High-return Opportunities for Change

This report examines the barriers that disadvantaged youth, particularly young men of color, face and quantifies the enormous costs this poses to the U.S. economy. In particular, this report focuses on the significant disparities in education, exposure to the criminal justice system, and employment that persist between young men of color and other Americans. 
Closing these opportunity gaps...
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Publications | The Foundation Review | 2015

The Boys and Men of Color Framework: A Model for Community and Systems Change

Residents and leaders in communities across the nation are spearheading efforts to dis-mantle the barriers facing young men of color and help them reach their full potential. These efforts build on traditional strategies emphasizing programs and services, but also go well beyond, to focus on the systems and policies that define and constrain the environments of boys and men of color. Through...

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